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Ken was one of FreshAir's first retailers, thank you.

What made you start PowerSource?

A desire to improve customer service and experience in our industry.

From supercars to old patina trucks, what's one of your shop's most memorable builds?

Two really stand out. A 1951 Mercury ‘lead sled’ that we assisted with So-Cal Speed Shop out of Spruce Grove. One of the greatest challenges of that build was pulling the engine and transmission in a fully painted and smoothed engine bay. We did all of the electrical, air ride and audio. It turned out beautifully and the customer is touring a circuit down in Arizona and California at a series of major shows.

Any advice for the young car enthusiasts coming up in the scene whether it be with car builds or someone starting their own shop?

Ha! With regards to building, formulate a plan and STICK TO IT! The most expensive thing you do is the thing you do twice! Especially if you’re building over a couple of years. It’s easy to get caught up in the newest and latest fad and start redoing portions or areas that are already complete. Stick to your original plan. I see all too often a project getting abandoned after major items are changed and it runs out of money. If your original intention was to go with a 383 stroker then do that. Don’t build a motor and then decide you want an LS now. Changes like that can be project killers. Starting your own shop. All I can say is only do it if you absolutely love it. The odds are against you and it will occupy 150% of your life. I truly wish you success.

How long have you owned/ what made you customize the suburban?

I’ve owned the Suburban going on 5 years now. It was built over 3 to get it to this point and there is still a lot left. Mostly interior and audio now. However, I am considering breaking my own rule and changing the chassis up completely. Lol! I decided to build a Suburban so that I could include my entire family is my passion. Besides, it’s hard to justify a pile of money from the family budget towards something that doesn’t include the entire family. The Suburban just makes sense for this season of life. Family is important and I can’t spend time with them cruising in a regular cab truck. With the Suburban all five of us can cruise together.

What shows and events can we see you this summer?

Well, there are some great shows in Edmonton, and one of my favorites is the Meltdown show put on by the Dropsicles club that was August 4th this summer.

What's your favorite cruising music?

That depends on who’s onboard! Lol! I’m into Eric Church, Luke Bryan and also I’ve discovered a new to me genre called Hick Hop. There are a couple of groups that are fun to listen to such as Demon Jones, The Lacs, and Upchurch.

Any new builds planned for 2019?

Actually yes, mostly starting. I’ve been gathering parts together for a couple of projects. The most interesting one is for my wife, a 1952 five-window pickup that is getting a complete Roadster Shop chassis and a single turbo 5.3ls. Should be an enjoyable truck!

What Mods have been done and what kind of air system did you choose for the suburban?

In an interest to save money initially, I decided to ‘z’ the front end rather than put a pile of money into a ready-built ‘raised’ front cross member. Hindsight being what is I should have done the latter, it would have been faster and I would have gained less camber change through the suspension cycle with an aftermarket cross member because of how the control arms get located. Outback I am using a KP Components 6 link kit designed for the same model year truck. To accommodate the lifting force created behind the notch by the rear 6 link bag on the bar the step notch was generously overbuilt and the frame well supported before and after the notch to carry the load. Really, it’s not much difference in weight than a truck with a finished bed sporting a canopy. For air management, I went with an Accuair E-level system and dual 480 compressors with 5 gallons of air and Slam Specialties SS-8’s all around. You just can’t beat a height based management system for consistency and confidence. It’s a joy to drive this thing.

Is this your daily driver? If not what is?

It was all last summer but it’s taken a back seat to a ‘new to me’ 2006 Chevrolet Duramax Crew Cab 3500 dually, 2WD. It’s a rust-free truck out of Arizona and is another project...

What's your dream car?

That’s easy. A Lamborghini. Always has been. I just love their architecture.

Any shoutouts and/or thank you?

First and foremost my amazing wife Nicole for always being my greatest fan, supporter, cornerstone, and companion. Love you doll! I’d like to thank all of my customers for trusting me and my staff with their vehicles. I’d also like to thank Murray King and the staff at So-Cal Speed Shop and Joey and the staff from Joey’s Place for their referrals, support, and knowledge over the years. These are shops that I have respected and admired for years and to be accepted in this industry by the likes of them is truly humbling. Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Thrifty Auto Service to Jim, Keith and the staff there for always providing great exhaust systems for our builds. It’s been an amazing 18 plus years and I can’t believe we’ve come this far. All I can say is thank you. Thanks for the opportunity Fresh Air and thanks for a great product!

Photography by: @Laurenfrotch

Go visit Ken and his team and they will gladly take care of you!

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