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Name: Ian Lambert Car Make and model: Hyundai Genesis Coupe Rspec 2014 Location: Edmonton, AB Car Specs: Click Here

What sparked your interest in cars?

I've loved cars since I could remember. The first car I ever drove was an 89' 911 Turbo. That started my love for cars. Life took over for a while and then as I got older I fell in love again and decided to just do things my way. Without the influence of the dreaded internet.

Your Genesis is seriously one of a kind, what was the influence behind your vision?

I have a love for the '80s and 90's pop culture. So the Vaporwave style was something I had in the back of my mind for years. Connor Smith designed it actually over a year before Wingnut Garage put it on the car. With the Galaxy/space design, well that just comes from my love of space and just doing what makes me happy. Driving the car is like nothing else.

In most cases, we would ask what your favourite feature of the car would be, but your car is on another level, what are your favourite feature(s) of the car?

I love how the theme flows through the whole car. It is crazy and out there but all works together so wonderfully. My wheels (Rotiform WRW 20x10.5 -30/ 20x13.5 -25) that The Wheel Clinic has powder-coated multiple times are on another level this year. I cannot wait to show everyone this coming spring. Also, Speedtech did some unreal work with my factory motor to take it from a pretty okay little turbo car to something that's just violent and brings one huge smile to my face. It's pretty hard to nail down a couple of things... one thing def always pops up when I'm showing people the car is the 326 power wing with the real gold crown on it. Sideshow Custom fabrication and paint did something unreal with that one.

What was the most challenging part of building your Genesis?

I would say it would have to be the suspension. I've broken my fair share of arms in the back and one in the front. So that's something that is always on my mind when I've driven the car. Because I did build it to drive and beat up. sometimes I might just be a little too rough with it... But thus is life.

Tell us about the special and personal touches you’ve added to your car?

Well, the interior is a love of mine. Other than the work on the seats I've had my hand in everything. 95% done by my own hands with the help of Venom Motorsports to redo my headliner. Other things in the little details like my door handle saying Player 1 & Player 2 under the wrap. The hand-painted logos with gold and silver flake on the 326 Power wing. But pretty much the whole car is one big personal touch.

What condition did you buy the car?

Brand new in October 2014 with 9KM on it. How many years have been put into this project?

Coming up 5 years. But the first year I didn't do to much with it.

Last year if I remember correctly you had the engine pulled and had it trailered to a few car shows, that's dedication! Have you had any serious issues with the car?

Haha, yeah that was the Edmonton Motor Show. What a weekend... Well, Matt Lee over at Speedtech tuned my car so well that when I ended up blowing my motor, it did so nicely that the car just turned off. No loud noises or things shooting out(even though I was sideways in second gear at 7200 rpm...) I had lost the oil jet in cylinder 4 and well you know what that spells... Other than that just some broken suspension bits, but in all reality for how I drive the car. it's treated me like gold. Driven it back and forth to Vancouver many times and all over Alberta and usually daily it in the summers. What is left stock? From what we have seen there isn't much haha!

Well, the back seat is still stock.... and some random interior pieces. hahaha

What's next for the Genesis?

Well... I got married in Sept to the most wonderful person, and hopefully a little monster next year. So I‘m just getting The Wheel Clinic to update my turbo, wheels and some hot bits, but mostly I'm gonna spend my free time just tightening everything up and taking the little pieces that urk me and make it perfect. Other than that I just want to enjoy the car, my family and I look forward to a good summer! Any shout outs or thanks?

Would love to Thank my Team: for Honour. Some amazing guys right there.

Would also love to thank my sponsors and people that I have worked with over the years with the car.

Current Sponsors:

Wingnut Garage - All your wrap, tint and PPF needs

Speedtech Racing Development - Go fast and look good!

The Wheel Clinic - All you Powder coat and wheel needs.

Divine Shine - Making your vehicle as clean as possible.

Happy Ending - It's all about the lifestyle.

Ti-Burnt - Keeping my Parts together with style.

Uniq Performance - Go Fast Parts and Make pretty Parts.

Monster Service - Making the world wider.

Also, the ones that helped me get it all started.

Tint Factory

Venom Motorsports

First Gear Project.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. - Ian

Photos by: @MedvedevMedia

Car owner: @Honoured.bk2

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