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Most people would have chosen a slower car after blacklisting their previous one, what drew you into purchasing an Audi TTRS?

When I broke my back I set some goals for myself to accomplish and getting behind the wheel again was top of the list. I had to take a course which included a road test, I finished this course and had my license reinstated before I left the rehab hospital. I was very heavily involved in the off-roading Jeep community before my injury but I found getting in and out of my Jeeps was just way too difficult so I sold them and bought my GTI. It wasn't long before I outgrew the GTI’s capabilities. I was in the planning early stages of planning to install the same TTRS 5 cyl, a 7speed DSG and also getting the GTI converted to AWD. I was doing the math and getting ready to pull the trigger on ordering parts when I heard that Audi was bringing back a new TTRS. Buying the TTRS was a no-brainer after looking at the costs involved to build the GTI.

How long before you started modding it?

I wasn’t planning on modifying the TT at all but anyone who knows me also knows I just can’t leave anything alone. I think the car only remained in stock for a couple months, the only thing really holding me back was waiting for parts to be available for this new platform. I started small by adding a catless downpipe, midpipes, MSS suspension with 034 components, a simple BMC drop in filter and Unitronic stage 1+ tuning...I called this “stock’ish” whenever I was called out about saying that I was keeping this car “stock”.

What were your inspirations as you worked on this build?

I had done a lot of research when planning to take my GTI to the next level, most of that was inspired by the MK2 TTRS. My goals were to have an AWD car with enough power to keep my interest. I had also watched a lot of youtube videos of the older Audi Quattro race cars of the 90s... there was just something about the power and noise that Audi was making with their 5 cylinder race cars. I really loved watching them race the Pikes Peak race, everything about that car was magic to me. Audi had also recently built a concept TT known as the “Clubsport” which donned the same livery as the older Quattro race cars and when I saw that livery I knew I had to do the same thing to my car.

What's next for the TTRS?

Keeping with the “stockish” build guidelines I am now waiting on delivery of a Wagner competition intercooler and water meth injection kit. I am really happy with the way the car drives and looks but there is always something that can be improved. I said I wasn't going to do much to this car but any car enthusiast knows this is a slippery slope and things tend to snowball quite quickly. There may also be a big turbo that may find its way into the car in the near future along with a new wrap.

Any shout outs or thanks?

Of course working on my cars is somewhat difficult to do from a wheelchair. I still like to do as much as I can but some of the bigger stuff dictates that I need some assistance and often I can talk my wife into giving me a hand with the smaller stuff, so I can't leave her out. I’m really very lucky to have her so she deserves props. The car also has the fingerprints of Bill and Chris from Rivercity Motors all over it, when it comes to any of the knuckle breaking wrenching they have been there to help and really are great to work with. I am also somewhat of a clean freak when it comes to keeping the car looking its best, Eric and Dereck from POSH detailing are responsible for making it look so great, everything from the full Xpel Ultimate wrap and the Audi livery they also top drawer. There are many others that make the experience so very enjoyable, the car community in Edmonton and Alberta as a whole make this all worth the effort, including the guys from FreshAir ;)

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