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Car make and model: 1988 911 Porsche Targa - RWB (named Whitewalker) Location: Vancouver, B.C., Canada CarSpecs: click here

The rise of the Whitewalker In June, during our inaugural trip to Driven Vancouver, FreshAir had the chance to catch up with Sid Cheung, a west coast native who happens to own one of Canada’s most badass RWB Porsches. After a photo shoot and interview in the scenic area of Stevenston, we quickly found out that this Porsche is much more than just another build; it’s a testament to following your dreams, the result of a lifetime of inspiration. What inspired you to build this RWB Porsche? Nakai-san's pure love and passion for Porsche's inspired me to attempt a build in Canada. Upon meeting him in person and watching him work I knew I had to have one someday.

How long have you been working on this project? It's been two year's since I've started on this project. The project is never ending and the car can always improve. What were some of the challenges in the setup with Nakai San? Honestly the set up with Nakai-San was easy and problem free. The key is to make sure everything is ready before he arrives. Coordination of the build location, the paint, suspension and tire/wheel installation were the most challenging aspects of the build.

Tell us about the special and personal touches you’ve added to this car. What’s your favourite mod? My car has a number of things that make her unique. First, the paint job is one of a kind, it is a modified Audi color known as Suzuka gray with an increase of blue pearl coat. The livery on the car is completely painted on, even the racing number and the front canards. I also have a message that runs across my front bumper that reads: "What The World Needs Now Is Love." It only shows up in certain situations because it is glow paint. The car also has custom aluminum spiked lug nuts finished in Cerakote gun coating. A fun fact is that she’s a 1988 model, born the same year as I am. She’s the 8th RWB in Canada, rolling on 888 Toyo Tires and the Targa bar is hand brushed aluminum. Tell us more about how you came up with the name Whitewalker. The name is actually a combination of a few inspirations. Firstly, Paul Walker, in his Fast and Furious movies, inspired me to get into cars and buy a Porsche convertible. Secondly, I am heavily inspired by Magnus Walker from the Urban Outlaw Movement. Thirdly, the car went through a full restoration and re-birth, so I thought the name was fitting. And I’m a big Game of Thrones fan, so that played a part too.

Any advice you’d like to give people who are about to start their own projects? Follow your dreams, plan and stay focused. The world can be a distracting place. You owe it to yourself; life is too short to not enjoy your passion. Where can people see your Porsche this summer? Well - if you see me, you see me, that's what makes our RWBs so special. They’re like unicorns without sponsors - the wild is the only place you'll spot them. But you may catch me at the odd local show and meet.

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