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Thank you for choosing FreshAir, we are excited that you have decided to join a culture that promotes equality and creativity. These are the main contributors to creating something that carries a positive impact. 

If you feel 15% of your purchase is better spent on giving to charity, please use the discount code: “forcharity” and we will put your discount towards a fund that will be donated to either YESS or The Boy and Girls club. These are both non for profits that support troubled youth, your donation will buy an underprivileged youth new gloves or even just put a shirt on a young person's back.

Sincerely yours,



September 2019

Thank you to all who donated and contributed. 


FreshStart is the beginning of what we hope is a positive impact on society!


All the best,



Driving our communities forward

This September, we at FreshAir are proud to kick off our inaugural “FreshStart” fundraiser! For the entire month, we’ll be donating $1 from every purchase to help purchase school supplies for disadvantaged youth in Edmonton and Calgary. As an added plus, if you use the discount code “FRESHSTART” on checkout, you’ll save an extra 15% off your entire order - our way of thanking you for supporting kids in Alberta who need it the most.

 We’ll be splitting the funds raised between two agencies that support homeless and disadvantaged youth in Alberta. In Edmonton, we’ll be donating to Youth Empowerment and Support Services. In Calgary, we’ll be donating to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.

If you’re interested in giving directly to either of these agencies or are looking for other ways to get involved, please visit their websites for donation and volunteer opportunities. Either way - we hope you’ll do whatever you can to help support youth facing difficult realities in Alberta!

Thanks, and happy driving.

Team FreshAir

 Donate to:

YEG: Youth Empowerment and Support Services 

YYC: Boy’s and Girl’s Club 

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