Our Story.

The power of scent can bring rushing nostalgic memories back to the forefront of our minds. Feelings we had once forgotten are reimagined with with vivid imagery and brought back to life. Your sense of smell is powerful and it will alter your environment, for better or worse. It can relax, rejuvenate and restore, and this is the reason for FreshAir. 

Our car fresheners are designed to compliment any interior and provide a subtly perfect fragrance that will turn any drive, into the perfect drive. 

Welcome to FreshAir. 

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Our newest scents.

Our signature series was inspired by floral notes and contrasting packaging to our standard black and gold. 



Car Fresheners


FreshAir is available at these retail locations, call ahead to confirm inventory. 

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Image by JanFillem


Commited to make a difference.

A vision that runs parallel with FreshAir is focusing on giving and creating value for society. FreshStart is the roots of an idea that helps bring change to families and people who need support. Let us be a standard for the ideas of positivity and we hope you join the journey to influence a better tomorrow.


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